Chemica AllJet Inkjet Printable Vinyl Sheets 11.5"x16.5"

  • Model: AJD1116
  • Manufactured by: Chemica
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Chemica 803 AllJet Inkjet Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl For Dark Garments

AllJet is an Inkjet printable sheet for dark garments.

Application instructions

  • Prepare your design right-reading(DO NOT MIRROR)
  • Take care of the printing (45°C) and drying temperatures (50°C)
  • Use the adequate printing profile (for instance, with Roland, select COLORIP or VersaWorks, and then profile GENERIC VINYL 1, and we recommend to select the option MAX IMPACT).
  • Remove the flex from the printer and wait for the complete drying of inks at room temperature, at least 4 hours.
  • Weed the excess material
  • Using an application tape is not compulsory to transfer your design. It is possible to transfer your design by hand or with a clear polyester application tape. Do not use a paper application tape
  • Position and heat press your design on the garment protected by a silicone paper at 320°F–20 seconds – medium pressure
  • Peel the carrier off when COLD

Adheres to:

  • 100% polyester
  • 100% cotton
  • Poly/cotton blends
  • Acrylic and similar fibers

Care Instructions

  • Observe garment's care instructions
  • Allow 24 hours before washing
  • Iron only the back side
  • Printable media are very sensitive: always handle with care and preferably with gloves
  • Always store the roll in a plastic bag protected from dust
  • It is important always using official inks from the printer manufacturer

Washing Instructions:

  • Observe garment instructions
  • Turn garment inside out
  • Max 140F
  • NO bleach
  • Tumble-dry approved
  • Dry cleaning unapproved


  • Up to 1 year
  • In a dry room (60-75°F)
  • Away from sunlight
  • In a vertical position

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